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My 1st Dream Rig Presets

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Well it's time to jump in the pool.


JTV-69 HD500 DT25 master at 55%


1: I don't expect peoples to like thoses sounds cause every presets I downloaded from custometone sound thin or like junk here. I mostly play plink floyd stuff and I can't beleive how the highway amp sound empty so I'm not using it often.


2: If you have some tips to enhance my sounds you are welcome. I am a new user, I am working on this for less than a month and I am not the kinda guy who will put 3 EQ's in my presets.


3: I always start with an existing sound but I forgot most of thoses creators, so my apologies.


1000 years of Christina Perri Acoustic capo at 3rd fret through PA

Brit-J-45 ACDC like sound with a toggle fuzz face for fun

Clean Chorus with auto strat pickup in position 2

Marshall rhytm (JCM-800)

Marshall lead with a toggle wah (don't know wich wah to use yet)

Marshall lead but with the whammy instead

Metallica (mostly the justice meambobbo modified a bit)

Pink Floyd muff (David high gain tones, muff with a tubedrive after to soften the fizz) (Good for mother, comfortably numb, sorrow, turning away...) I'd like a tip here to make it sound bigger

Run like hell (auto T-model drop d, switch to neck pickup for chords)

The wall delay

The wall rhytm (a switch remove flange and add dist for chorus of the songs)

The wall solo

Variax acoustic


All here in melissiah.zip


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I forgot to put my 3 patches to play shine on you crazy diamond. Enjoy :)

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