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Problems with Express MK 2 after updating software

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I have just updated new software on to my Spider 4 and my FBV Express MK 2 but now the Express 2 will not control the amp. When i get everything set up an normal and power it on the 7 LED lights for the volume/tuner part of the MK 2 just flash. I have tried to calibrate the MK 2 but no change. Any ideas would be welcome?

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First you can try to reflash the memory in the FBV - wihtout it being plugged into the amp, using USB, plug it into your computer and use Monkey to update.

I have heard of other people having this same problem but never saw anyone posting a solution (I think the FBV may need to be replaced, so oif the reflashing doesn't work, create a Support Ticket as the next step).

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