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HD500x, trying to mimic a voice box effect


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Hi all, hop every one is doing swell!


I have a gig on Saturday and a song that we cover by Motley Crue, kickstart my Heart

he uses a voice box.


I just do the best i can with a few effects and a strong wah pedal


Does anyone know of an effect that may sound close to the voice box?


thanks in advance


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Thanks :)



My talk box is the only thing I lost when I got my hd500, but I gained a Vocoder. 

And the truth is, they now have tb's that are self-powered. So I could use one if I needed. 


Sorry, like pianoguyy said, it is called Vocoder.

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Sorry, like pianoguyy said, it is called Vocoder.

Not following??


I went to filter/ voice box, tweaked it...... Didnt sound the



So I tried it with a flanger tweaked it, use moderate

Settings on my way pedal and it doesn't sound too



I do see the vocoder, I'll mess with that see how it sound

Without the flanger






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