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Stainless steel strings on JTV-59

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I know it's off topic, but to anyone who hasn't played a guitar with stainless frets, give it a go. Fret-wear with standard nickel strings is basically non-existent. I'm about 2 years in on a set of stainless frets on a guitar that sees daily use (couple hours playing at least), and there's not a mark on them (and I'm using fairly heavy gauge .11-.50 strings). Not even below the 5th fret under the lower strings, where you tend to see the worst gouging. I'll end up wearing out before they do, lol.

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Thanks guys. I have a slight nickel allergy hence thinking I'd try the strings. Sounds like stainless steel may not be the right answer.

Don't know if it would make any difference, but perhaps Elixirs, or another brand of coated string might help...most manufacturers seem to have their own version of Elixirs' concept now.

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