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Pod XT Live user thinking of upgrading to Pod HD

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Hi there, I'm sure someone has asked this before but I can't find it. I have been using my Pod XT Live for several years now and apart from a few niggles I'm very happy with it. I am particularly happy with the tones and have got used to finding the sounds I want quickly. My two questions are:

  1. Can I import tones from my XT to an HD should I invest in one?
  2. Is the HD as easy to use as the XT. I found the XT challenging enough to start with (doesn't help being an old fart) but I'm worried and HD500 or 500X might be too complicated for me. I suspect I'd go for a HD300.

Can anyone give me any useful help or advice? If you do you will have my eternal gratitude  :D

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I too love the sounds of the XT and X3...and I also own an HD400!  I have owned so much Line 6 gear through the years, and I still have the XT.  It's a great sounding unit!


They both sound a little bit different.  I like them both, but if I had to choose one I think I would choose the HD pedalboard.  It does take a little bit of getting used to compared to the XT.  (I could not get a lot of distortion out of some amplifiers on the HD, until I started fooling around with the "Master Volume" parameter.)


I, too, would also recommend the HD300 or HD400.  I tried the POD HD and the HD500, and they were too option-heavy.  All I seemed to get was a hissy, noisy, mess, with endless parameters to adjust and advice from other users to "shut off the mic-input" and set inputs to "matched" and stuff like that.  It did solve the problems in most instances, but then the levels were all different and the amp models felt different...


...personally speaking, I had trouble getting my head around the 500 model.  I was glad I rented it before buying one.  Then I tried the HD400, and I was quickly able to figure it out in an XT/X3 kind of way!

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