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JTV variax 59p Graphite nut

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Hi,I have had my JTV Variax 59P for a few months now and decided to change the strings today. When I removed all the strings to give the guitar a clean the graphite nut popped out. Is this normal for the nut to be like this or should it be glued into place? Thanks in advance.

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Use a very small drop of super glue under the nut, I use a single edged razor blade and air gun and be sure the wood under the nut is clean and oil free.


If you are unsure and lack confidence - take it to a luthier  

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No super glue,... use white glue like Elmer's. It's what we use here.
If you use super glue and it's not aligned right, you'll be screwed.

stevekc is good enough to get away with using super glue,... he's
one of four or five people in the Americas (besides myself and a
couple others here at Line 6), that I trust to do a mod on a JTV
without making a mistake.

If you haven't done this before use Elmer's or as Steve said, a Luthier,
... or guitar tech.

Those are supposed to be lightly glued in at the factory. Some how it
didn't hold. Sorry about that.



Oh,... and it's not graphite, it's some mix of something different, it is

made by Graphtech.

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