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Android Emulator


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I bought an Amplifi  with the idea that I would buy an adroid device at some point.  Instead I've decided to download an adroid emulator on my widows 10 to take advantage of the software features.


Right now I'm looking at AMIDUoS.  Has anyone else used this or another emulator or can make suggestions?


Thank you.

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I have been using my wife's Android tablet since the Apple iOS9 fiasco won't allow me to use my iPhone5C & the App for my AMPLIFi TT. The problem I'm encountering is the audio from the Android to the AMPLIFi cuts out from time to time. I can connect my iPhone5C via bluetooth to the Amp and my iPhone5C shows a connection in "settings", so I can stream audio from my iPhone to the Amp without using the App. The problem doens't seem to occur when using my

iPhone only when using the Android.  As far as I know the software in the Android is up to date. Just wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem.

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Did you ever try AMIDuOS on Windows 10? I'm interested in same thing but thought I'd research before trying.


My problem is that Bluetooth connections to AMPLIFI 150 are very unstable regardless of device/os (Ipad 2 with IOS9, Samsung Galaxy S6/Lollipop).  The Ipad just plain doesn't connect and the Galaxy/Android constantly reports connectivity issues.  So I want to try my Windows 10 machine....even that connection isn't perfect, I have to get so close to the Amplifi it almost seems too ridiculous.

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I succeeded with my Windows 10-PC and the Android Emulator Remix OS 2.0 installed on an USB-Stick. I had to start the PC with it, so it is not a Windows 10 App, but you can run it on an Windows 10 PC.

So I installed and ran the Amplifi-Remote Android App in Remix OS 2.0..

The Blutooth-Connection succeeded, when I took an USB-Extension-Cord for the USB-Blutooth-Sick and placed it about 20 Inch away from the Blutooth-light of the Amplifi.

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