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How should I setup my MKII Express from FBV Control for Spider II 30W

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Hi everyone, im an old user of Line 6, but recently joined into the forums, cause of next...
Back to 2006 I bought a Spider II 30W Line 6 (brand new) amplifier.... and after all those years, i decided to buy a switch/expression pedal and the only one here in Argentina (Language: Spanish, so excuse me if dont make myself understood) was the "compatible "FBV Express MK II. 
So.. i start with the unboxing, everything OK... i see the RJ45 (UTP) cable, so i plugged it in... and... NOTHING. (after readling the little manuals in the box)
Later, i started googlin' for manuals so i installed the monkey and the FBV Control app BUT... after doing all these, can get it worked. I Check'd RJ45 cable, and works, i tried other cables for... idk for what (always CAT5 or higher), i used a network tester to see if voltage is comming out of the rj45 female in the amp. But nothing... so a big friend of mine told me "besides there no a 100% of compatibility should work with a configuration that wont be so... MIDI" and i dont know maybe he's right
So anyone can put some light in here?
I really REALLY REAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY Frustrated now, i started with these at 2000 now is 0122 AM of the next day  and i just bought that today after all these years of want an expression pedal...
Hope you see this.

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Your amp does not have any MIDI compatibility.  FBV Control would only be used with your FBV MkII Express in controlling MIDI software or otehr devices plugged into your computer.

The only functions the FBV MkII Express should have with your Spider II amp are to switch between the 4 preset patches and volume/wah.  Did you plug the FBV to your amp via the CAT5 cable?  You should not have the USB cable connected to the FBV to your computer, as that puts the pedal in computer-communication mode.

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