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RMS Power of Amplifi


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Can anybody (from Line6 - I guess that nobody realy knows that) tell me what is RMS power of Amplifi (both 75 and 150)?

Up to now, when I wanted to buy a 30W amplifier I looked for anything that has a "30" in a model name. I was sure that Spider II 150 is a beast that can produce huge sound, and 15W construction can be used at home for practising, etc. 

Now I've bought an Amplifi 75, I took it to a gig and I was very disappointed. Of course - I know that there's only one 8 inch speaker, but I felt the powerlessness of this amp. My Amplifi has no warranty so I took off the back lid and I saw the 15W speaker!!!

What is that, a sales pitch? Why can't I find on Line6 site, or manual the true power of this thing? This is not a 75W amp, this is dummy. Up to now I've bought several products from Line6 but this is the first time I feel cheated. 

So once again the question: What is the RMS power of Amplifi (especialy Amplifi 150, 75 has already been disovered :/)? 

And additional question to Line6 engineers: Do You plan to continue this kind of practice? Create 15W combo and give an information to clients that it's 75W?. I thought that Line6 gear is not low-end stereo where nobody knows what kind of "Watt" was used to describe output power.... RMS is RMS, SI system cannot be cheated......



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