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Should Line 6 Eliminate The Verification Of The Esn

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I'm a line 6 user owner of multiple Variax Guitars, POD's, Amps and other equipment and I find that is not fair that I can't update my POD XT Live because of a ESN verification error.  This the 2nd POD XT that has the same problem and the solution from Line 6 is to send it to a repair center. Locally there's no service center and with the first XT I did send it and received an estimate of $75 plus $50 shipping which I decline and went ahead and purchased another XT Live which now has the same problem. I search the forum and the internet and is a common problem with the POD XT's and now the HD500. I haven't found a logical reason for Line 6 to verify the authenticity of the unit because there's no way to clone the device.  I would love like to have the POD HD-500 to use with my 4 Variax guitars, but I wont risk my money so to have a product that can't be updated.


Line 6, eliminate the verification of the ESN and I know you will have more happy customers.



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well the pod xt, can use licenses and model packs and the esn is used for verification....

if you have no model packs the esn issue should not really be more than an annoyance...

i had one with the issue, and had no problems updating, and using gearbox etc...

you can always download and update from file... if it's giving you some connection error...

they are designed to be used offline as well...


the hd pods do not yet have model packs... but the fact that they have an esn... we can assume they may one day...

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