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Hd500 stereo live


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Hey guys. Had my last practice with my hd400 yesterday. Getting the hd500x on Wednesday. I plan on creating several stereo patches. But there's a few things I'd like to prempt.


1. If I split a channel to two separate amps, and then merge back and put effects after the split. Will it still be stereo. Or will it be mixed back down to mono.


2. How do you connect it to a pa that doesn't have a pan on each channel. It does have rca connection. Can I use an rca connector at the end of my guitar cables? Or would they operate at different levels? (Are they all line level)


3. What cheap cases can fit the pod and cables?

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2. If it doesn't have a pan - I hope you tested your patches so that your delays don't don't double up and sound like lollipop when mono. 

The XLR and 1/4" are different levels.

If you feel safe using an rca adapter, then there is no reason why you can't use it. 

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