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Hi all!


This may be a silly question, but I've upgraded my hdd to an ssd and I have to format my pc to have the OS run through the ssd now. I also have a UX2 that came with a Pod farm 2 licence and so far everything works just fine.


Do I need to do anything before I format my pc ?

I mean will the licence be transfered automatically or do I have to unistall something before the format and re-install it afterwards?


Thanks in advance!

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You don't have to uninstall anything, but you may want to make backup copies of any custom Pod Farm presets that you have created.


After reformatting you will download and install Line 6 Monkey. Run it with the UX2 connected and let the Monkey guide you through the download and installation of the Line 6 driver and Pod Farm 2 (your license will be registered with your Line 6 account). Then run Line 6 License Manage to authorize your computer. Finally, reload your saved Pod Farm presets into the Pod Farm presets folder.

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Thank you silverhead!

I've got my presets backed up, I just didn't know about the licences. 


Thanks again!

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