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creating an alternate tuning

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Hi.  I'm having a problem learning how to save an alternate tuning to my JTV.  I can create the tuning (in this case a "c" tuning) but it doesn't save in the guitar.  Also, is there a way to only once enter my alternate tuning but have it active for all 28 guitar models without having to enter it 28 times?   

Thank you.

Dan Doyle (doyle51)

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There's 2 ways to do alternate tunings.


One way is through the tuning knob by holding the model selector knob until it flashes blue, turn to the tuning you want to edit on the tuning knob, play the tuning on your fretboard, then press the model knob to test it.

After you're satisfied, hold the model knob again until it flashes and it's saved to that bank. The tuning will be blue if it's a custom tuning.


The second way is the old way, which is setting a tuning by patch-by-patch basis of which model you have selected. You set it via Workbench, and call it up by selecting "Model" on the tuning knob. 

Basically you're setting a preferred custom tuning for that exact model.

It's useful if you have a preferred tuning for a certain model without wanting to use an entire Alt Tuning bank for it. 

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