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Searching the good amp & tone for a RHCP bass cover


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Hey everybody!


I'm actually in trouble finding the best amp and the settings I should use to have the perfect bass tone when I play 'Factory Of Faith' by RHCP...

I have a Line6 POD UX2, and a Squier Precision Bass Special, with a Jazz bass mic and a P-Bass one.


I already looked at the customtone section, but haven't find the tone I would.


Any tips regarding the amp and the Bass / Treble / Mid settings which could be the best in the POD UX2?


All suggestions welcome!





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First, I don't know how good of a sound you'll ever get out of a Squier. 

But, I would look for some Funk and some Slap tones. 


If you ignore the 'rock' classification that RHCP falls under, and just listen to the music --- there is a lot of bright high end slap tone going on. It's very funkadelic.  








Yes, piano_xyz, I get it. You have no life and have created a secret profile to give me a thumbs down on all of my posts because you don't have the balls to use your regular profile. It's ok, I get it. You are jealous that you can't compete. 

I am fine with it. Especially since I don't follow online rating systems. 


Hell, at least now you can shoot your wad at the fact that I even acknowledged that you exist. 

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