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HD500X Output Question -- XLR and 1/4" outs simultaneously?


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The unbalanced 1/4" output jacks sum to mono if you only use one jack & cable to your amplification. If you have stereo amplification, running cables out of the Left & Right 1/4" outs will preserve the stereo signal. The Line/Amp switch changes the signal level of the 1/4" outs between "Line" level and "instrument" or "Amp" level. The line level signal is the hotter signal level required by most power amps, while the amp level is lower and appropriate for going into the regular instrument input of a typical guitar amp.


The balanced XLR outputs do not sum to mono, so if you use only one of them you will get only the right or left signal. The XLR outs are not adjustable on the 500(X) between Line/Amp level, and are at the lower "amp" level, which is appropriate for PA mixing board mic inputs. The HD Pro (X) does have a Line/Mic level switch which is essentially the same. I wish my 500X had that on the XLR's.... Both have a ground Lift switch on the XLR's to deal with ground loops.


If you have the 1/4" level selector in "Amp" then the XLR & 1/4" have the same signal level. If you chose "Line", then yes, the 1/4" is a higher level than the XLR...


I use my 500(X) to a power amp for stage monitoring - either a Quilter Tone Block 200 or a Crown XLS1000. I run line level mono from the 1/4" outputs. I then run XLR to the soundman's mixing board via his PA snake. If he's running a stereo mix, I ask for 2 XLR channels, but if he's running a mono mix I only use one XLR run -- depends on the venue and what equipment he's running....


I have not gone the route of going completely amp-less on stage, as I can control my stage volume to my & the soundman's satisfaction. We are weekenders, playing mostly bars, outdoor events, parties, etc., so our needs are quite variable from one job to the next. We do not have the luxury of extensive sound checks hour before a gig, to get all of our levels in perfect order. It'd be nice, but is not reality for most folks who don't do this for their living, playing arenas, and such...


My 2 cents...


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