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Pod Xt And Cubase...

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I just bought a iMac and Cubase Elements 7 - so now I am trying to use my POD xt as an 'external soundcard' for all my guitar work. Cubase doesn't seem to really 'see' my POD, and as a result the input signal is non-existing.

I'm sorry to say, but my old pc and Cubase SX, worked beautifully with the POD, once I got the right drivers. What is going wrong here?

I have compared to the pc/SX settings in Device Setup, where I just selected ASIO PODxt in Setup in VST Multitrack, and that was it!

Device Setup in Elements 7, is a bit different, without a 'VST Multitrack'. In EL7 I have selected PODxt as ASIO Driver in VST Audio System.

My Mac does not have a problem seeing the POD, or the input signal.

Am I missing the right ASIO driver for Cubase - or what? It's quite frustrating - please help...

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Ok, there is a lollipopload of videos on the net explaining how to set up audio devices in Cubase 7, and also product manuals on Line6.com speaking about setting up computers and stuff, so I'm up and running... Must say the new Cubase looks absolutely awesome. A lot of lollipop has happened since the SX days ;)

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