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Is the screen size of the rack and floor variants identical?


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Hi, Please can you confirm for me the relative screen size (dimensions and resolution) of the main colour screen between the rack and floor models - in other words, are they identical? I'm looking at getting the rack version, but want to make sure the screen resolution isn't compromised with respect to the floor version.


Also, are the scribble strips the same size between the floor Helix and the controller for the rack unit?


One more question - when the manual is (finally) published on-line, will you put it in the current "tech support->manuals" section of your website, or somewhere else? (I need to know where to look obsessively twice a day, like I'm doing right now... ;-)



thanks a lot


...I'm holding my breath!


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Yes, the screen size is the same on the Rack as on the floorboard. They're both 6.2" and 800 x 480 pixels.


I would expect scribble strips are the same size also, but that's not specified in the product info yet afaik.


And I see no reason why the manual, when available, would be anywhere else.

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Thanks a lot, guys, for your prompt and authoritative replies. I've got my pre-order in for a rack unit and controller. Now I've just got to keep a lid on my excitement while I sell everything in my music room that's not bolted down, to save up!! ;-)


....while polling the line6 website every four hours... ;-)


Musicians can be a very obsessive lot!

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