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Sounds keep changing from what is set.


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I am using a HD500X for live work.   For some reason I am having to constantly reset the volumes on some of the patches, as they seem to change by themselves from what is preset mid way through gigs or rehearsals, for no apparent reason.

My lead sounds are set about 3db louder (using a db meter) than the standard rhythm sounds, and saved as such.  Yet for some reason I can be playing along with the band and everything is perfect, and I'll hit a patch, and out of nowhere it seems to just jump through the roof volume wise as if I have physically changed the bloody volume on whatever patch is screwing around on the thing again.   It has happened several times, in fact most sessions I find this will happen at least once.  It is not specific to one patch, so it is not like I am only having the problem on one particular lead or rhythm patch, it seems to be random, and bloody annoying.   

What is the likely cause, and how do i get past this issue please?  

Also I'll piggy back this issue.   I managed to lose a power supply for my HD at a gig recently. I own two 500X models, so I have a spare, however it means I do not have one for each unit, so if I need to send one in for repairs (again!) it will mean that my backup will not have a power supply.

I have at least 5 other Line 6 power supplies here, for my JTV guitars, recharging the batteries...  but I think they are the wrong voltage / current for the HD, or will they work?  As far as I am aware the chargers for the JTV batteries are DC output, where the Pod needs AC output, however when I looked on eBay for a spare, the ads seem to say the same supply will power the variax as well as the floor pods and pedals, so I just want to clarify rather than risk cooking a foot controller.   The local store has no clue, as I have already asked them.

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Line6 DC 3-G, power supply for POD HD series, input = 100-240V AC, 1.0A 50-60 Hz, output = 9V DC, 3A (27W max)



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It could be the parameter pots getting dirty or worn. In the past, I have noticed different parameters sometimes were changing by themselves on my 500. I now keep all of my knob settings on zero while I am performing and have not had a problem since. I had this same issue with my M13.

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^^^ or the vibrations from sound just moving the knobs enough to be detected as if you had moved them deliberately


Power Supply: make sure it is DC, the AC units are much more common - and make sure it can cope with the power demands especially if powering a JTV over VDI through it

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My 2 cents. First thing I think of after reading this, is the saved default volume expression pedal settings

(if in use), could be in conflict with the current pedal position while transitioning from patch to patch, and

thus defaulting to an unexpected volume level ? If this idea is on the right track, I suggest you do a

system reset, and recalibrate your expression pedal in the POD, then closely recheck volume settings

for the pedal for each patch, and be mindful of current pedal position while programming the settings.


As for the PSU, the primary input is AC, but the secondary output is 9VDC @ 3amps. As long as you have

those specs right, and the polarity of the plug is correct, your good to go. Its not absolutely set in stone that

you have to use a Line6 HD500/X PSU either, but it would sure as hell be a lot simpler for you in the end.

Oh, and if you happen to come across a PSU with an output current rating  "above" 3 amps, that's fine to

use as-well, but if its "below" 3 amps, steer clear of it. In other words, 3 amps (or 3000mA) minimum.

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  • 5 weeks later...

The cause was a heap of faulty switches.  They were replaced after a lot of dramas, since the unit was unavailable in Australia at the time I bought it, so I grabbed one from the US.  Neither company wanted anything to do with the repairs, but eventually the US stepped in and sorted the fault.

Now that same unit has decided not to allow itself to be seen by the USB interface in the HD suite on my macbook over the last couple of weeks. It did it a couple times randomly back around July / August, along with cutting out on stage and other nice little surprises (Sarcasm is my specialty) but in the last week or so it has completely given up the ghost as far as interfacing, convenient how it happens just out of warranty, not that the warranty is much good having purchased it from the US anyhow.    When these things work well they are amazing, but they have so many glitches and gremlins that it is like Line 6 are owned by Microsoft and the software must meet Microsoft's incredibly low standards or reliability and not a level higher in order to be released.  I have already tried a different USB cable, and that did nothing, so the fault must be in the unit itself.   

Having to physically edit all the patches inside the unit itself is a slow tedious painful process as you guys would know.

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