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Has anyone installed a Sustainiac on their JTV?

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The topic says it all...


I saw this parker fly signature model, by adrian belew or something, and the guy had variax guts (not jtv) and a sustainiac...I was wondering if anyone had done it with a JTV...I got a sustainiac layin' around and i'd love to fit it to one of my JTV's

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A: it Will void the Line-6 Warranty


B: If you have $$$ anything is possible



C: the similar Fernandes Sustainer has a similar installation experience. (lots of routing and sawdust and huge risk of damaging your guitar ) 


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I heard a sustainiac doesn't work right with a variax. I could be wrong.


Something about needing a magnetic pickup to be used in the mix to create the feedback.

It sure can - as the OP said, Adrian Belew had a custom model Parker Fly with the original vax guts, a sustainiac, and a Di Marzio humbucker, plus midi output - must've been no wood left in the body...  no longer available, but here's the specs...


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