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A/B/Y switch solution


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the pod is already flexible enough as it is when it comes to routing.

if you swap 2 guitars frequently, you run into 2 issues though:

the tuner and input z settings apply to guitar in only.

a simple a-b switch could connect either guitar to guitar in. all issues resolved and everything fine until your buddy comes over and wants to play along and you want to keep your paths separated.

so i got a cheap aby switch for just under 30€ with 2 switches and 4 jacks: 2 ins (or outs) and 2 parallel (1"tuner" and 1 out (or in)). it is all mechanical and the battery only required for the led indicators, not needed.  i wanted to be able to switch either guitar to either output, or to both to connect to the pod guitar in and aux in .

luckily (and as expected) the 2 foot switches are both the same 2 x 2 way variety  with one half not being used.  not so luckily the switches and jacks  are soldered to the little board inside and unused pins are soldered to ground pads. it is relatively easy though to separate.

one or 2 of the switches` pins are a little tricky to insulate, you want to leave some/much of the soldering pad alone to retain stability. one connection from  in-out jack to a switch may already be where you need it and doesnt need to be cut.

while youre at it you may want to check the soldering and fit of the components.  one of my switches was a mm off and prone to come loose soon enough.

what can you expect from a 5 year old chinese kid working 24/7...


some simple switching logic applied:

reroute each in-out to one end of each switch. reroute each middle pin of the switches to one of the previously parallel, now separated jacks.

keep the wires short.  shielding is not necessary if in a metal case.

the gaps you cut out do not have to be huge. the whole thing took 10 minutes (+some thinking) and can be undone easily (you wont have or want to)..

cutting use a carpet knife. be careful with your fingers: cuts and strings dont mix



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