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load box/attenuators with cab sims: why doesn't line6 have one? ha

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So I've noticed over the past year or two companies like Mesa boogie and Rivera are making load boxes/attenuators with cab simulators so you can use a non-digital amp, and record direct.  Some of the recordings are ok, and some are pretty bad from what I've heard.  

I pretty much do the same thing with my DT25 and sounds pretty great imho.  I have the non cab sim version of the RockCrusher.  I squash the signal to my cab all the way down to nothing so I don't annoy my neighbors, and this way I can use the tubes on my DT25 to record direct using the direct out on my head.  I don't have any clips just yet to upload, but I feel that it really gives it that extra crispness and punch that you don't quite get in Standby mode where it bypasses the tubes.  It really makes a big difference!  Hope to have some examples in the next few weeks if I don't get too busy at work.

So my question for you all is, do you think Line6 would ever make an attenuator/load box with just cab sims?  I mean they have way more extensive knowledge on creating them over these other companies so I'm sure they could do a much much better job, or do you think the market just isn't big enough for it yet?

I honestly think more and more people will be using them in the future, because after experimenting with it myself I think a hybrid digit/tube setup for direct recording is pretty damn great!


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That's what they make devices like the PODs and the Helix for - recording direct. I suppose Line 6 feels it would be redundant given that they have all sorts of other tools for recording direct.

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True, but you can't really kill the volume to the cab without killing the volume for the direct out with those unless I'm mistaken.  Granted I haven't looked at all the new features of Helix.  Maybe you can do that with it?

 I guess you could just not plug the POD/Helix into the FX Loop Return of the amp and that may work.  Then it would get the input of the amp, and just not send it back..I guess?   But then i don't think there's a way to use the amp bypass, and just use the cab sims on the pods/helix.  So that doesn't really work either.

So see what I'm getting at here?  If you want to record direct with a non line6 amp, and not have it output full volume to your cab you can't do it as of right now unless you can with the Helix or unless I'm missing something with the POD's.  


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