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Keyboards into HD400 FX Return?


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Hi everyone,



In the past I have used my Verbzilla with my keyboards, as it features a stereo in and out.  Stereo inputs are very important when using modern synthesizers.


It occurred to me that my HD400 has a stereo send and return FX jacks...could I run the output of my keyboard into the FX return jacks?  I could then use all the lovely effects on my HD400.  Is there a danger of using "Line Level" instruments into the HD400?


Will using only the FX return actually allow me to use the effects on the HD400?

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I think its safe and do-able as long as you have the FX Loop block active in your chain. With the mixer block after the amp block, the 

path I would try first is instead of running dual amps, run a single amp, and the FX Loop block placed where the 2nd amp would be,

parallel to the 1st. Then set "send" to zero, and "return" to whatever volume you desire, then use the mixer to balance your volumes

between guitar and keyboard. If your keyboard has Line outs, set FX Loop switch to line and you should be set. Hope this helps.

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The HD400 doesn't have a mixer-block nor does it have dual amps.  It has a fixed loop position choice of either "Pre" or "Post".


I went ahead and tried it, and it did work to an extent.  If I put the loop in the "pre" position, none of my keyboards retained their stereo effects.


If I put the loop in the "Post" position, everything worked fine...except I could not use amp modeling.  I stopped just short of trying to figure out if I could use a wah model, but I think in the HD400 it's fixed in one position (at the beginning of the FX chain)  So the HD400 is okay for stereo keyboards if you want to use FX2, FX3, and reverb.


...I think I got that right!??


...thanks for the reply NucleusX!

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My apologies, I didn't realize the HD400 was limited to that extent and never actually used one, I have a HD Pro. Googled a pic of the

back the unit and it seems to have the CD/MP3 input. You could also try that, although, I'm not sure if its a mono or stereo input ?

Be nice if it was stereo, that jack won't interfere with your guitars signal chain.

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