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How to lock the key and know on HD500


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Not quite the same as locking them, but if you turn all of the knobs to the min or max, that makes it a little less likely to accidentally bump them. At least they can only turn in one direction that way. If you're changing presets often, it really becomes less of an issue. I've never had it happen with my HD500 over the course of using it for five years.

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I don't think it's as easy to do that as you think. 


Clicking buttons, not so easy. 

Twisting knobs or getting caught under the exp pedal --- can happen. 

Which is why my case/board repositions the input jack. 




1. These are no different than any other pedal, with the exception of how wide the opening is on the exp pedal compared to my Crybaby. So, however it is that you keep the other knobs from getting twisted - that is what you do here. 

2. Switching back to default is fairly easy. Just step on your switch. It re-opens your already open patch, but back the way it was meant to be. 

3. How much could a cord move a knob. Your sound isn't going to be changed that much that it would ruin a performance. 

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I learned to keep my knobs turned off from my old POD 2.0. The Mid knob would sometimes get crud in it and the setting would switch to edit from vibration. After finding out what the problem was, I simply would turn the knob back and forth a few times and it would be fine but out of distrust I found that unless I was using the knobs it was best to just leave them turned down. 

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