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Switch between signal paths?


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1. assign both AMPs A+B on a single FS

2. set AMP A=ON , AMP B=OFF

3. set BYP VOL=0 an both AMPs

4. set mixer PAN : path A =100%L, path B=100%R

5. make sure 2 achieve complete separation btween paths A / B.

6. mixer must b the last thing in the chain (exceptions exist, will further explain if requested)


by pressing the assigned FS u r actually toggling btween PATH A / B.


alternatively, u can fade in-out each path by reversely assigning AMPs A+B CH VOL @EXP 1/2, so that:

-when EXP 1/2 is @MIN position,  AMP A CH VOL=0,      AMP B CH VOL=MAX (only AMP B is heard)

-when EXP 1/2 is @MAX position, AMP A CH VOL=MAX, AMP B CH VOL=0      (only AMP A is heard)

-when EPX 1/2 is @INTERMEDIATE position, u get a proportionally mixed signal from BOTH AMPs.

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Just put path A under Patch i.e. 1A and the other under 1B,

Don't make it complicated when it can be a piece of cake!


Or do I mis something here!

You can do that for two separate patches, yes. But the OP is talking about a dual-amp patch, for which there are many uses. The expression pedal method allows for a seamless fade-in/fade-out transition from one tone to another without the (sometimes) audible gap that accompanies switching between two patches. It's a game-changer for live players who switch between clean and dirty tones a allows for a much cleaner execution of those changes.

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