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Line 6 Spider Iv Recording Trouble

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Hey Line 6 Community!


First time member and user here of this equipment and I am asking for some serious help here. 


I am trying to record my own stuff but the sound quality is just not good enough. I am not sure if it is because of my equipment or because of some simple tweaks that I can do like download a new audio codec or change some settings on the program I am using or all of the above. 


Before I bought my Line 6 Spider IV Half Stack a couple of days ago I was using the following equipment to record my stuff.


1.) Jackson EMG guitar

2.) TrackLink USB Direct to computer extension cord

3.) Cubase 5 with POD Farm 2.5 attached.

4.) Toshiba Satelite Laptop


So my process or recording is as follows


1.) plug TrackLink USB into guitar and plug into the laptop

2.) Open Cubase 5 

3.) Add POD Farm 2.5 effects

4.) Record Guitar Tracks

5.) Export as Audio Mix-down as an mp3


It took me a while to figure all those steps out and once I finally figured it out I found out that when I export the audio tracks, the quality is just really poor. I am assuming its because of the TrackLink USB direct to computer is not capable of transmitting the correct tone or the audio codec is bad or the laptop itself is bad.


So I bought myself a $1000 Line 6 Spider IV Half Stack instead to hopefully clear up the tone, same steps as before except I plug the Guitar in the head, the head into the computer using the TrackLink cord still.instead of directly into the computer.


I am really hoping you guys can help me with some step by step instructions on how to get clear quality guitar tracks. Surely a $1000 half stack is a good step in the right direction. My friend does the same steps as me but he has a tascam midi interface that he plugs the guitar into and his tone is perfect like cd production quality. If that is what i need to buy please just give me any solution because I have tried for over a month now with no luck

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You don't want a MIDI interface - MIDI is data, not sound.


What you need is a good audio interface.  M Audio, Tascam, Steinberg, many choices depending on your budget.  I recommend someting with at least 2 channel capability and 2 line inputs, this way you can take the stereo DI/line-out from your Spider to a splitter and put one channel (left) into one input and the other channel (right) into the second input and record them on separate tracks.

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Thanks for the reply! And my friend told me he has a tascam audio/midi interface (2 in 1) or maybe he was wrong. But his recording sound almost identical to what you would here on a studio produced budget.


Could you link me one you would recommend? I am new to all this so I dont want to buy something that wont get the job done


I wouldnt mind spending 100-200 for one but if there is anything cheaper that is good for the price would be great as well. I have $1400 credit limit with Guitar Center so I am sure I will be fine with whatever you pick out

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