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External Looper in FX Loop


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Not sure if already posted elsewhere (I couldn't find it).

If I want to have more than the 20" (?) loop that the FH is capable of, or if I want to record multiple tracks and store them for future use, one solution is to use an external looper.

I could put it just on the AMP Out connection and then go to my amp and it should work fine, right?

But if I don't have an amp available and I normally use the headphones connected to the FH, I could connect the external looper to the FX send/return connections and have it in the FX Loop module.

And now the question is: if I do so, I always have the reverb after the FX Loop, and I cannot swap them (I know that on Ideascale there is already a suggestion to let all module movable everywhere).

In this case, if I record the loop with the reverb on, what happens when I start playing it? The recorded track gets "reverbered" again?

And what happens if the looper is playing and I change the preset?

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Yes, an external looper pedal should work fine in the FX loop. As far as the reverb, you can put it before the FX loop block, but doing so means it would be before the amp block as well. So that might be an issue. If you have the reverb after the FX loop and you record a loop on the external looper (lot of loops going on, lol), the recorded loop wouldn't actually have reverb on it. It would only be recorded with whatever effects came before the FX loop block. So if you changed patches and the new patch had reverb in the same location, that reverb would be applied to that loop. So you wouldn't actually be doubling up on reverb. It's just that the reverb effect wouldn't be recorded in your loop. If you're using the same type of reverb across patches, it shouldn't be an issue. The only issue would be if you wanted a different reverb on each patch. If the amp model you're using is relatively clean, putting reverb in front of the amp might be a viable workaround.

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I love my Firehawk using my Variax. I go directly out of my firehawk into my Line 6 JM4 looper using the aux in of the JM4, then into my amp. This gives me the full use of the looper to playback full backing tracks on the JM4 or from my Ipad via bluetooth through the Firehawk. I might also mention that I don't use the tones on the JM4 just the tones on my Firehawk. By full use of the JM4 looper, I mean full use and the beauty of it is I can create a full backing track, then lay down the melody on top and save it.


I have already suggested adding this type of looper like the JM4 or better to the Fiehawk.....Thus it would be the ultimate pedal.



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