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Relay g90 lose in battery connection


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I recently purchased a Relay g90 to update my wireless needs.  I love the sound of the unit but have been running into one major problem.  Everytime I jump or move the body pack, that is attached to the strap and in a case, hits the back of my guitar I lose signal.  The transmitter lights flash red for a brief second and then comes back on.  As a very active musician you can see where the problem is.  I love the metal case but it doesn't seem to be stopping the interruptions.  I read that it could be caused by the battery connection being broken.  Is there something I can do to fix the problem other than wrapping the whole body pack in bubble wrap?  I have tried new cables and the problem still occurs.  

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I have the exact same issue, I've had mine for over a year now (think so anyway). Mine actually dropped out when I did a kind of jump and for some bizarre reason it didn't come back on for about 10 seconds (until I physically moved it about a bit).


The bodypack seems a bit weak on the battery compartment and suspect it's probably the weakest point of the unit (barring the cable issues people have posted about).


Can anyone from line6 respond on this? Seems to be a problem with the circuitry or the compartment for the battery but it's not exactly acceptable to just keep buying new bodypacks (Especially based on the price!!).



Paul Dutton

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