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Bypass Or A/b Switch All Fx On/off With One Click

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Hi all, is there any solution to Bypass running FX with one click?

For example if i use real stompboxes i can use an A/B Switch to route the signal trought the pedals or around the pedals.


I am looking for a solution to do this inside my M13. It sucked if i have 4 FX running and have to push all 4 FX by single clicks off.


Ok i can creat a Szene with all off and just switch the szene, but this is not my option, of cause i can make this easy by using the Latch Mode but i want to use the monumentary mode.


Is there no stompbox unit that i can put in front of my chain inside my m13, that give me that option ?!?


Thanx, P

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Even though you say you don't want to use latch mode, you really do want to use latch mode... trust me. :)


Essentially, you can use latch mode in pretty much the same way you use momentary mode, but the only difference is that the M13 won't go into the scene you select automatically. When you select a new scene, the screens will still show the names of all your scenes. But to get into your scene, just hit the "Scenes" switch. This will take you in the scene, and you can turn individual effects on and off just like you would in momentary mode. To change to another scene, you hit the "Scenes" switch again to go back out to the scene selection view.


The nice thing is in latch mode if you want to bypass the scene that's active (and turn everything off like you're wanting to do), you just hit the switch for the scene you're currently in when you're in the scene selection view. The LED for that switch will start blinking to show you it's bypassed. If you want activate the scene again, just hit that switch. Or if you want to go to a new scene, you just hit the switch for that scene.


When I first got my M13, I assumed I wanted momentary mode as well. But after using latch mode, I wouldn't go back. It gives you the best of both worlds.

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Thanks for your Post
Allright... sounds great, i will Check the Latchmode and this feature.
I give you a Feedback.

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