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Is Line 6 EX-1â„¢ Expression Pedal compatible with Helix?


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Get this one if you prefer a more 'wah pedal'  feel:



I just picked one of these up from Sweetwater (last one they had). It's really well built and works with HD units, likely Helix as well.


The only thing I wish companies who make pedals like this would do is state explicitly the amount of physical travel their pedals have (what's the correct term form this?). I'm used to the pedal on my HD500X which has quite a bit more travel than the EP1-L6. I was unprepared for this and it's going to take some getting used to because the value changed is quite large when used as a wah or volume for very small movements of the pedal.

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The EX1 is compatible, but as a disappointed owner of one, I can tell you it is not a quality unit. It's quite inaccurate; you can rock it back and it may or may not go to zero. The design is really poor. It is cheap though.


I would like to see L6 offer a quality pedal to go with their excellent modelers.

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I for one can't disparage the EX-1 too much. Yes it's plastic, and know it's not going to survive being run over or being thrown around. But it does the job. I have two of them, and one I've owned since 2000 and the other since 2003 or thereabouts. Besides guitars, I don't think I actually have owned any other piece of gear as long as them that has seen continuous use. Not bad for inexpensive pedals.


Anyway, if you want to use other pedals, it's very easy with Helix. It has an auto-calibration feature for external pedals, so it should work with just about any potentiometer-based pedals. So in that sense, I don't know if there's a lot of incentive for Line 6 to make its own line of more expensive expression pedals.

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