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IOS9 compatibility


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This amp has turned out to be a major disapointment along with the JT variax I purchased. The customer service is also a misreable failure. So tired of companies advertising and selling products that are not functional or anything close to as advertised. Lesson learned, but I can say I gave it a shot. If your thinking about a Line 6 product I would steer clear of anything that requires an app or software to control functionality. This amp in particular, since the primary function is to work hand in hand with your bluetooth device. Software updates are common place today and occur frequently, and keeping up with them obviously is not priority for Line 6.

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Why wouldn't you trust it? Obviously it's in their best interest to get it fixed. They're still selling these products, and it's not like they want people to be unhappy and return them. I understand the frustration people feel over this, but I don't understand the sentiments to the effect that Line 6 wants to screw people over. What company tries to do that?


Because of their history.  Because they didn't have a fix ready for a problem that's been known to them for months.  Because they're working on another product that they very likely deem more important than satisfying people who've already bought a product and can't get a refund for it at this point.  I never said they want people to be unhappy, but I think they're perfectly willing to tolerate it.  That's why.

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Just announced -


AMPLIFi Remote v2.50.0 is live and will be available in the Apple App Store within the next few hours. It provides:


- Support for iOS 9
- New workflow for faster and more intuitive navigation (legacy workflow also available by turning off “Use Tabbed Navigation†in the Settings view)
- AMPLIFi Watch app now provides access to all tone types, as well as control over drive, bass, mid, treble, fx mix, and reverb mix parameters
- Support for iOS 9 split-screen multitasking (iPad only)
- Enhanced signal flow editor
- Unified and intuitive menu for saving tones to any location
- Fast access to master and guitar output levels from any view
- Various bug fixes


With this release, we’re back to working on a firmware release that provides performance improvements for AMPLIFi. Please check our AMPLIFi forum periodically for the latest information on availability.


Thank you for all your support, we are constantly working on improving the overall user experience of AMPLIFi. Please stay tuned!


The Line 6 AMPLIFi Team

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I must say that Line 6 have handled this very poorly. I went back to the store with my 75 but I would have kept it if I would have received any info about when the update was due. I'm happy with my Fender Mustang but they did indeed loose a customer with me....

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