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First time user: Need help with editing tones/adding stompboxes


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So I have 2 situations I'm trying to figure out. 


1. Is there a way to create a tone from scratch? For instance, empty slate...add amp, add pedals, etc? 

2. If not, and I have to edit existing tones, how can I add a stompbox? I was editing the first HD Lead to something more of my liking and it only let me have 3 stompboxes (2 drives/1 delay). So thats 3 buttons and the reverb is on 5. So 4 is empty but I cant add a stompbox and I don't want to use the compressor or anything. I either wanted to add another delay setting or a 2nd reverb for octo ambient noise. 


I guess I was trying more to have my main rig set up on 1 channel of 1 bank rather than switching tones, just switch footswitches/pedals like a normal board. 


So far, I really like the firehawk. I should have more perspective tonight when I plug it in the PA. 

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Yes you can create from scratch. As I  recall there are some empty user banks up around 30-32.


There are limited wildcard fx blocks so, yes you can only assign 3 blocks I think. I am not sitting at my rig. I added a Fulltone 2 and a Line 6 M5 modeler to my fx loop. Once I did, I assigned the reverb switch to the fx loop. If you want to do this, once you are in the editor mode on your iPad or phone, tap the FX loop and once it comes up, simply tap the switch at the bottom of the screen to assign it to what ever switch you like.


I am hoping someday in a future flash upgrade, they will turn all of the FX blocks in to wildcards, I too could find other uses for the compressor and EQ blocks for instance. In the end the Firehawk sounds so good to me, I will live with the quirks.

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