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IOS 9 Fix To Get The AMPLIFi To Work Again

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Thank you for looking at this topic.


IOS 9 fix to get the Amplifi app to work again, but your on a time limit to do this because Apple will be pulling the signatures off of the older IOS's.


How this works.

Go to wwwiphonehackscom Type in the search How To Downgrade IOS 9 To IOS 8.4.1


Or Google, How To Downgrade IOS 9 To IOS 8.4.1 and make sure your looking at the iphone hacks web page.


Step 1. Make sure you have iTune 12 installed on your computer.


Step 2. What you need to do is pick Method 2 from the site, it works better and follow the instructions. It is very easy to downgrade IOS 9 back to IOS 8.4.1 and make sure you know what model your iPad is. Mine is iPad 2 Wi Fi. Use Fire Fox or Chrome to download the file. IE dose not download the IPSW file correctly.


When doing this there is a file you need and the site will help you find what file you need. It's a IPSW file that has the IOS 8.4.1 firmware you need to flash it to your iPad. You can't go back farther than IOS 8.4.1


This will not fix the connection problems we are all having with the app, but you can use the app again after the downgrade of the IOS.


I have done this to two of my iPads and works great. Just don't update the IOS for your iPad again till Line 6 comes out with a firmware update. All of the problems with connectivity with Amplifi and Apple is because of Line 6 and not updating the firmware. Apple IOS 6 worked without a flaw with Amplifi app, till Apple started to update their firmware. With every IOS update Apple did, Line 6 Amplifi started having problems. Now Line 6 needs to step up and update too....  Oh yeah... Back up your iPad before doing this. That way you still have your info... Hope this helps, it did for me. I was P I S S E D when my Amplifi started crashing..... Line 6 really needs to step up and fix the firmware so it can stay in the times with everyone else or no one will buy and I see this Amplifi as being false advertising because it will not work the way Line 6 said it will with your Android or Apple tablets.



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Okay, I nominate ejcusa1 to be head of Line 6 support. I did this an hour ago on my iPad 2, and everything works great!!

Played for a while with no bluetooth or connectivity issues. (I did try something from another post: turned off keyboard sounds and shut down sounds; maybe this helped)


Anyway, now I don't have to wait for the Line 6 fix!


Happy Joy Happy Joy 

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Wasn't hard at all Startin'.... It took me for ever to find this last night and to find the right file to download... I found that the WIFI was doing it to mine with the connection problem... at least that's what I thought till today it lost connection. I'm going to try your sound off thing to see if that works. I have tried to talk to Line 6 about this lost connection problem. This is when Apple updated to IOS 7 and Line 6 support seemed like they didn't care. I know what the problem is... Line 6 NEEDS to come out with a new firmware update.

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