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variax what amp for acoustic models?

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Hi all. I am waiting on a variax jtv59 coming tomorrow I have a dt50 and a hd400 ,so what I would like to know is when using a acoustic model on the variax what amp should the dt/hd400 be set to , or do you bypass the amps I have no idea please give some tips please ,I know it wont sound pure acoustic through my greenback loaded 4x12 but what amp is what I need to know.

Thanks in advance.

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I've had a lot of luck lately with the model of the Roland Jazz Chorus that was in one of the expansion amp packs. In the past I had set the HD500 up with no amp model and it was okay, but using the Jazz Chorus model I get a fuller frequency sound. I think I dial the Variax volume back a touch as well so it doesn't distort.

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Thanks for the reply but I have no PA or FRFR speakers what would do the job via the HD400 ,can I bypass the amp and use a power section. I am new to this stuff but been playing 25 years

I'm really not trying to rain on your parade and ruin your JTV experience, but you could try every amp model at your disposal, and you won't get a usable acoustic tone from that me, I tried. I spent weeks trying one amp/cab/EQ combo after another through my old tube rig and Marshall 4x12, and got nowhere. You need a frequency range that those speakers just can't produce...that being the case, the choice of amp model is almost irrelevant. Fighting it is a losing battle.


Hell, if you plug an actual acoustic guitar through a traditional guitar amp it will just barely sound like what it is. Tried that doesn't work either.


Finally, and VERY reluctantly, I went FRFR and couldn't be happier. One of the primary reasons I bought my JTV was so I could get acoustic tones live without having to drag one to the gig. Wasn't gonna happen any other way.

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Should say that as the Amplifi guitar signal only goes to the woofer I would think the HD500 routed into the AUX input will work best; HD500 can easily provide compression, mic pre, eq and verb for tuning the JTV signal.

This is effectively using the Amplifi as an FRFR

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My solution:


Firmware 1.70 + voicelive 3


You will be able to shape hundreds of beautiful acoustic models + quick lollipop amp simulatiobs for electrics.

And If you sing,, tadaaaa you get grear backing harmony


Oh shall mention the trip of carring a heavy amp around and no great setups for acoustic?


Of coarse if you are a rock guiataris and will only play a few tunes on acoustic at gig then any amp or firmware will do. Who cares.


Also remember the crowd won’t give a toss unless you are playing a concert for a very musical appreciative audience or opening for Alivia Keys ( lol ) . But then why not use two guitars (a real acoustic direct to PA) for such important musical gigs

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