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"Assign to pedal"?

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I noticed in the 2.50 version of the ios app that there was an additional setting (at least i think its new to 2.50.. might be older and i just never noticed it) for when you tap and hold a setting to assign it to the FX nob. Theres an addional slider below that says "assign to pedal" with a yes or no option and a slide bar. I cant seem to get it to function. When my amplifi 150 is not connected, i can tap yes or no and the slider slides to either yes or no. When the amplifi IS connected, the slider vanishes and tapping either yes or no does not seem to make any audible change. I'm trying to assign the Blender to the foot control (as a whammy should be) and with the fx setting linked to amount, the pedal still functions as either volume or wah, not blender.


it seems like a great feature to have, as it seemed like i could assign any parameter to the pedal, which would be fantastic for adjusting phase amount or distortion amount on the fly.. if only i could figure it out


anyone else done any experimenting yet?


(im using a shortboard mkii)

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