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help me record with pocketpod

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Hi all!

This is Andre, I speak from Brazil and I need some guidance on how to get the best out of my recordings with Pocket Pod. Hope this catch your attention.

I currently use Pocket Pod’s AMP OUT plugged into a guitar link USB interface, which goes straight to my laptop. I set it to DIRECT MODE. To listen to what I’m playing while recording, I use POD DIRECT OUT into my peavey 15w amplifier. It’s working as a monitor. And to listen to what was recorded, I use an Edifier speaker, plugged in my laptop. Obviously, neither the amp nor the speaker are good references to the REAL sound.

What I need is make sure that when I tweak the knobs on my pocket pod, I’ll listen to the real changes through my monitor, and listen to the same tone through my speaker after recording. Do I need a pair of proper monitors? I hope you can tell me what I need to do.

Thanks in advance


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Try reversing your PocketPod output connections. The Direct Out should go to your usb/computer and the Amp Out to your peavey amp.


This really doesn't address your main concern though, which is having the recording (Direct Out) sound the same as your monitor/amp (Amp Out). They won't sound the same because the output mode is different, and it's designed to produce a different sound. If your audio interface (guitar link?) has a headphones output you could use that to monitor both the recording and playback sounds. Your Peavey guitar amp is not designed to be a monitor; it colours the sound a great deal. You should leave it out of the recording setup.


.... and yes, a pair of proper monitors would help but probably isn't necessary

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