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Spider III HD 150 Amp Problem

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Ive owned this amp for approximately 6-7 years now, and since then it has always been played consistently but not too much, never going above half the master volume...


Just recently, I've had the problem where after playing for about 30 minutes, the sound will cut out for a few seconds, then return. This pattern will then repeat, becoming more frequent until the sound only lasts about 1 second then it cuts out again.


I've already checked all the connections to make sure there aren't any shorts or loose cables


Ive already tried doing a factory reset to no avail


And i always check to make sure the amp is not overheating since the symptoms would appear it is doing so, but again all the components are still cold as ice.


As i originally said, this amp is in near mint condition for how old it is, and the master volume was never taken over half way, so i highly doubt that any of the components have been fried or overheated....


If I turn the amp off and come back to it the next day, it will start off performing fine for about 30 minutes then repeat the pattern again where the length of time between each pause gets shorter and shorter.


Any suggestions would help, thanks in advance.

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it's likely cold solder somewhere.... just a combination of time and the components heating and cooling when turned off and on....

not typically a user fix though... so likely a trip to the service center.

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