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hd update

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Hi all,  if I downloaded the new hd workbench does that update the guitars to the new hd aswell or is this a different update I cant seem to find it on its own?


You have to update the guitar separately. Download the latest version of Line 6 Monkey from the "Downloads" tap above, and install it. Connect your guitar with the VDI connection either through a POD with a VDI jack or the little VDI interface that came with the guitar, and Monkey will guide you through the update process when you start it. If you're using the VDI interface, make sure you have to have a 1/4" cable plugged into the guitar with charged batteries in it, and the volume knob turned up.

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Thanks for the reply I have got the latest line6monkey and the HD workbench all installed does this mean the new HD guitars are in my jtv59, I cant hear any difference

cant find any download for version 1.80 anywhere ,the monkey says all updates are up to date how can I tell if I have the new hd models in my guitar,, sorry for noob q's but I only got the guitar Friday.



 looking at the 1.80 came round in 2012 so I guess my new jtv will have it in already,, correct?

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Thanks again Phil, my monkey is 1.71 seems the newest one I can find.  where do I find the JTV 2.21  please?  as I mentioned in my edit I see the 1.80 is from 2012 .I have the hd workbench ,when you connect to the hd bench does it send the new hd models to the jtv? sorry once again I just need a help to get up and running. what should I have on the guitar to assume its the new hd models?  any tell tale signs?


Edit  thanks again I think I have found it.

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Using Mac Snow Lepard and downloaded 2.21 but can't open it even with monkey on?

Connect your Variax JTV to your computer through the USB dongle (the clear plastic interface box that came with your JTV), then run Line 6 Monkey.  If you are signed in, Line 6 Monkey should "see" your JTV and then present a list of all drivers, firmware, editors, etc. showing both your current installed version and the latest version.

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I am having this same problem. 


I have Monkey version 1.71 and Workbench HD version 2.11 installed


When I open Workbench HD it says I need to update the JTV


When I open Monkey it tells me everything is up to date


It doesn't appear to see the JTV, Just the USB interface.


Any suggestions?

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