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can put Digitech Jamman Stero from preamp out to power amp in?


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going to buy a Digitec Jamman Stereo looper/phrase pedal and would like to know if there is no risk to connect the preamp out of spidervalve mk2 212 to the in of the pedal and the out of the pedal to the power amp in.

the reason is so i could record a loop with different effects from the amp (clean for example) and play a live lead with other fx parameters (distortion...


is it safe?

thanks in advance

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That will work fine but you can switch patches while using the built in looper as well.

Exactly, agreed, it works great. No need for external effects in the loop. The onboard preamp tones, clean, overdriven, distorted, effected, whatever, works well. Now if we can just find a way to disable the looper per patch... (excuse my can't be done).

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