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Jtv-69s Model Selector Knob Fell Off.

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I have a JTV-69S that is about a month and a half old. I was cleaning off after a big outdoor festival gig this weekend and the silver top of the selector knob just fell off! There doesn't appear to be any way to snap it back onto the knob. Does any one know if this part was glued in? I would like to do a simple repair on my own if that's possible. I have 4 gigs this next week and I can't really afford the downtime to send the guitar in for warranty repairs. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks



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I had that cap come off of my model selector knob as well. It's just glued on. I did what was suggested by musicsingle above. I just took a little bit of epoxy around the bottom of the cap, and it's been fine since.

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Same happened to my JTV-69 Model selector

Id skip Super glue as it dries very britle and does not adhere well to the  chrome plated metal top portion of the Model Selector knob.


Instead I put a dab of this RTV type glue on the Chrome top, and re-inserted into the plastic lower portion with the Model names  - now it stays put.



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Update: I used the "Shoe Goo" on the knob and so far t has held strong. Did a two hour sound check and the knob is still intact. Also, the excellent support team from Line 6 is sending a replacement knob. Line 6 has been very responsive and helpful!

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