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Need UX2 recording to sound good with UX2 not plugged in!

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If you're reading this, I know it sounds stupid. It sounds good as a Reason Limited recording and an .wav when it IS plugged in because obviously it acts as your soundcard, and typically your computer soundcard won't yield as good quality. But, if I wanted to turn a recording into a .wav or other audio file and say, download it to an ipod or other music playing device (or computer alone), how would I be able to listen to it/play it without requiring the UX2's audio drivers/soundcard and not have it sound like crap. I'm pretty new to this.

Basically I need these some of my recordings as audio files that I can play/listen to on my computer/ipod anywhere but it sounds like the computer's soundcard can't handle playing the audio file with decent quality.

I'm an amateur at recording and this might seem basic, but what can I do?

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