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Egnater Vengeance, 4CM


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Hey group,

I need some help.  I've been trying to get the 4CM to work with my Helix and Vengeance and it just isn't working.  I followed DI's advice (pasted below) but what I'm running into is that the signal doesn't seem to be getting to the nose of the amp.  

The preset I had for testing was as follows:  EQ>Treble Boost>loop>amp>delay   I had my input from guitar in to 1/4" out.  The loops were send/return 1.  The only sound I got was through the loops, however, I couldn't get the delay to come through or the amp.  When I disabled the loop no sound at all.  I could disconnect the loops and get sound straight through Helix.  

I'm frustrated!  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


DI wrote:

Hi, I got your PM. I'll answer here so everyone can see the answer.  Sorry for not replying sooner. The post above me here is pretty much 100% correct.


In order to get to make the 4CM work, you have you either have an effects loop block in your tone or separate send and return blocks. I'm not sure there's necessarily any advantage to using separate send and return blocks, though, so just use the FX loop block as a starter. You have to go to the Send/Return portion of the menu, and pick the FX Loop 1 block. The items in the preset that come before that block will be before your amp's input, and the one's after that will be in your amp's effects loop.


Really, most of the time you're using the 4CM, you wouldn't be using an amp model in the Helix. You'd be using it for effects only. That being said, you can make it so you could toggle between using your amp's preamp and the an amp model (or preamp model) on the Helix. If you bypass the FX loop block, everything in your chain will be fed right into your amp's effects return, so you're basically just using your amp as a power amp and cab for the Helix at that point. So a cool thing you can do is have the FX loop and the amp model (I would actually recommend that you try using a preamp model rather than full amp model first) assigned to the same footswitch, but just have it set up so that when one is on the other is off and vice versa.

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Guitar > Helix input

Helix send 1 > Guitar amp input

Guitar amp send > Helix return 1

Helix main output > Guitar amp return


Ensure you have the FX Loop 1 block in your patch and enabled. Ensure your amps effects loop is enabled.


It should really be that simple.

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I've got mine working, I did basically the same thing Dave.  It's nice to be able to go back and forth between my amp and then cut to a modeled preamp.  Unfortunately, I've been so busy I've only got maybe 3 hrs on the thing since I got it so I don't have any real presets and still need to figure out the internal routing to get the desired effect, but I am stoked at what I'm hearing so far!  

I can't keep up on all the forums...geez, they're moving fast!

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Anyone interested in joining a Skype or Go to Meeting call tomorrow to share 4CM tips and setup? I'm pacific time. Egnator Renegade is my power amp. Helix replaced M13, Timeline and Space plus blah blah...If your interested let me know.

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