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Rename it to .hlx and that should take care of it

Okay I tried that with the first one named Almost Surfy and it didn't have anything loaded into the signal paths.  So then I tried it with Cruch204 and it worked.


Edit: now Almost Surfy works not sure what changed.

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When you upload to custom tone it seems to ID the file and parse it.  The .hlx files seem to just be txt based information.  I have the preset on www.helix.com as .hlx files or you can just download them from custom tone and rename the .l6t to .hlx.   DI said they were still tweaking it.

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Hi everyone, 

I have followed what has been said about importing .l6t files into Helix.   I have renamed a few files into .hlx  No problem there.

The problem is that when the new  .hlx file is imported into helix Lt. I get an error -8103 Target. Can anyone help please?

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