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iPad Restarting with Amplifi Remote App 2.50


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Its me again. As frustrating as the Bluetooth drops are, tuner not working smoothly and flashing. It seems something changed with my iPad. Connection drops have gotten a little better, but now my iPad wants to restart itself after using the app for about an hour. I miss the days when I bought the Amplifi 150 and my iPad. They both played so nicely together with no problems. My iPad is compatible with the Amplifi 150 and other Line 6 products. What? now we have to buy newer iPads in order to get things to work? Right now, by my house. We have a few Pawn Shops that I check out guitars at. At Cash America, EZpawn, and Cash Converters they have anywhere from 2 to 5 Line 6 products in their stores. A lot of Amplifi 75's. I will go every weekend to the Pawn shops to see what they have. I went on Friday, yesterday. Last week only one store had a Line 6 Amplifi, now they all do.   

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