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Line 6 Amplifi's Popping Up In Pawn Shops


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Every weekend I would show up in my local pawn shops. Sometimes there is a brand name guitar that is mint and for the right $$$. Last Friday Oct. 9, 2015 I decided to make my rounds. Cash America, EZPawn, and Cash Converters. Now, last week I only seen 1 Amplifi 75 and a Spider IV15. Now, I see some stores have 2 to 6 or so amps from Line 6 and they are all Amplifi's. I was looking at the Amplifi 75 and was messing with it a little with a nice BC Rich guitar. You know how the amps when you first turn them on, the volume is up a little. At Cash Converters, the sales guy came up to me to see what I was doing... but used the excuse "can I help you" to make sure I wasn't messing something up. They had a Marshall amp and they guy from the store said, "Wouldn't you rather have a Marshall then this?" (This) meaning the Amplifi 75. I said I have a Amplifi 150 at home. The sales guy said they are not taking anymore Line 6 amps in, they have a few in the back room. The sales guy said everyone who has a Line 6 amp are trying to get rid of them. To see 1 or 2 Amplifi's in a pawn shop is not that big of a deal, but in the 3 pawn shops I go to and have 2 amps on the floor and 4 in the back room. Something is up. So, no matter what everyone's come back to this Forum is, the real world is turning their backs on Line 6. My music store by me even said Line 6 are crap. They had 4 returns and a lot of complaints.


I like my Amplifi, I just wish with all the complaints and Forums of problems Line 6 would do a little more to fix things. I have a Marshall MG30CFX and with a Boss MT2 it sounds good, but the Line 6 has more to offer....  

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