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firehawk fx footswitch assign (pre buying question)


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so far I'm just fiddeling around with the firehawk remote app (IOS9) to check the features of firehawk fx.


After the last update of the remote app I miss the footswitch assignh function. Before it was there (underneath the parameters of the effects).


Is it just because I have no device connected?


Or in other words: is the function still there in the newest version of the app?


It would be terrible if not, because for me (as an amplifi fx 100 user) this is the main reason to buy firehawk fx. 








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Yeah it's still there, you can assign the top row of footswitches to toggle one of the effects on/off or to control the looper, but to be honest it shows on my app like it always has done even when not connected to the firehawk, have you tried scrolling down the page a bit? If it's definitely not there maybe try reinstalling the app

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Using the latest firmware and app I can confirm the footswitches are not there if disconnected from Firehawk. If I disconnect but leave the app open, then they stay. However if I close and reopen the app while not connected they disappear until I reconnect again.


Rest assured the function is still there, just won't be visible to you until you connect.


For what it's worth I did the same thing you did before buying, play around with the app, watch videos, read reviews, etc. Personally I'm really liking it. Used it with an iPhone 5s first and the interface was kinda cramped, but just got an iPad mini and it's much nicer. Have a case/stand that props the iPad up nicely and is so nice not being hunched over an amp or pedalboard or having to mess with the laptop. Just prop up the iPad, start the app, load up a preset for a song, tweak a bit, and play. Not as hardcore as the HD500/X but honestly there's plenty there for me. I've gone the laptop/hardcore editing route, and I prefer the Firehawk's simplicity while retaining plenty of settings and combinations to mess around with. And the lights are purty too lol.

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