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sanpera 2 via midi on dt 25

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Hi,I still have a peavey sanpera 2 pedal laying around,and i am in the market for a new amplifier.

I'm really crazy about the DT 25 and the fantastic sound it produces,but i was wondering if i could plug the sanpera pedal in via midi?

If it does not work i still have a G5 from Zoom,so that will work anyway,but if i  could get them both to work that would be awesome,then i would have 3 expression pedals....

But I'm still not sure about what   to buy,OR a new amp,OR buy the new Helix with the Marshall cab that i have....I'm a little bit afraid with modeling that I'm gonna miss the tactile feel of a valve amp...


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Do you want to use the Sanpera as a controller for the DT? As a controller it should work if you understand the DT's MIDI parameters and the Sanpera can be set up accordingly.


-Gary K

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