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4cm: how does it do....?


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I'm running it on my Egnater Vengeance.  In comparison to my G-system...well, not much of a comparison.  The G always gave me fits and was just plain noisy, even with all the "fixes" i incorporated from others.  The Helix doesn't add any real discernible noise unless I'm cranking an amp model or a distortion pedal, but that is to be expected.  The cool thing is that I can have a model in my chain and set it so when I bypass the loop insert I get my amps tone, and then I can toggle and get my model tone and effects into the return of the amp!  so I get the best of both worlds.  It really is very easy to setup and it sounds amazing.  I'm really impressed with the Wah models into the nose of my amp.  Actually, all of the effects sound really clear and detailed now that I've had some time to really fiddle with it.   I won't miss my G system other than the 9v power supply outputs for a couple of my effects.

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Similar findings here from a former G-System user.  4CM works AWESOME with my Boogie Mark V.   A couple of experiements that I've done: 


1) Simulate my preamp (Cali + EQ block) - results: SUCCESS!  I'm sure in an A/B test one would have trouble IDing which is which, and there's NO way that if you didn't know I'd switched from my modelled preamp to the real thing in mid song, live or recorded - unless I'd told you (like in the A/B test)


2) Unity Gain Check - I used a seriously overbuilt bypass box that I call my "Truth" pedal to switch out a sting of bypassed Helix blockes before my Boogie's Preamp.  Wow - I'm really impressed that the Helix is dead on with unity gain, at least with my amp.   What's really cool here is that the Helix allows for gain boosting, which the G-System does not.   On the downside - do hear a higher noise floor from the pre-preamp Helix circuitry, even while all blocks are bypassed, but it's really not all that bad - less than a single db for sure, and generally inaudible even at high gain. 


3) Channel Switching - works as it should with no delay, but has similar but minor issues as do most floorboards.  That is: when assigning two foot switches to Channel 2 and Channel 3 respectively, Helix allows you to activate both.  For some amps this may not introduce any audio side-effects at all and will default to one of the active channels.  The Mark V however, will go to an "in between mode" that sounds different than either channel, and it may in fact not be good for the amp.   In any case, the trick is to stay diligent and wear wide enough shoes that enable stomping on both channel switches at a time, simultaneously toggling one channel to off and the other to on... 


Hope this helps!

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