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Variax and HD500X saving presets possible?


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is it possible to save a preset on the Pod HD 500x with a preset on the variax

like this


ex: I make a tone on 500x with acoustic sound on the variax switch position 1 on switch A of the pod

and make a preset on 500X with a spank sound on variax switch position 3 on B of the pod



and now just switch between A and B of the pod, without change the position of the guitar switch


so ex I can switch between acoustic and distortion


is this possible or do I need to replace the guitar switch on the good position everytime?



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Yes you can do that as long as you use the VDI connection between Variax and Pod. You won't need to touch the Variax guitar switch. You can also store/recall the position of the Variax Tone knob with the Pod preset.


And you can even set things so that you can use the Variax Vol and Tone knobs to control FX parameters on the Pod. How about using the Variax Tone knob to control the Delay Feedbak, for instance? Or the Chorus Depth?

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- connect using VDI

- set one of your preset Inputs to Variax

- use the Variax to select the model, pickup switch, and Tone knob positions

- SAVE the preset on the Pod


That's it. For further detailed instructions, including how to control alternate tunings and to use the Vol/Tone knobs as FX controllers you should read the POD HD500X manual.

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I do that , but not working

when I switch the guitar switch and change the pod preset from A to B  and come back to A, it stay on the variax preset just switched


I got test it tomorow , because it's late here now ahah


But I let you know

Tx Man

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You may have to go to the Variax page in the Setup menus and make sure your Variax control is not set to Don't Force. That setting means that your Pod is prevented from controlling the Variax.


There are other things, too, that could be wrong with your settings or usage. You'd really be best to read the relevant sections of the manual.


EDIT: You should also remove the battery from your Variax when connecting via VDI. That connection powers the Variax.

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  • 3 years later...

I'm a longtime Variax user, and new to the POD HD500X.

I want to set the Variax Model (Jazz-5) to remain in effect, but have the Tone and Volume controls work normally. The Variax section in the Mixer has 5 options: None, Volume Lock, Tone Lock, Vol+Tone Lock, and Vol+Tone+Togl Lock. So there is no setting for Togl Lock separately from Volume and Tone!


I did find a workaround. I set the amp's Ch Vol controlled by Variax Vol and the amps's Treble to the Variax Tone. This setting will lock the Model Selector and leave the other two controls to their assignments. Kind of a pain, and not what I wanted. Can't find any other way to do it in the manual. Seems like such a simple thing.

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