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Pocket POD reboots receiving lots of MIDI messages

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I own a Pocket POD with firmware version 1.01.
I've been playing with puredata sending MIDI messages to the POD controlling things like volume and wah position.
I'm facing something I believe to be a bug on the firmware. Upon receiving lots of MIDI messages (~9/sec), the POD reboots itself both on batteries and power supply. It shouldn't be a fault with my computer (I'm running everything on Linux Mint 17.2 with no additional drivers) since it works at smaller speeds. I tried resflashing the latest firmware 'just in case' today.
Around 2 years ago I managed to burn an internal capacitor on it's power stage by misconnecting the power supply.
Even tough Line6Hugo said "The Pocket POD is not repairable", I managed to replace the burnt component (which Line6 wouldn't tell me the value of).
Everything works fine by now, except that my Pocket POD turns on even with no guitar plugged in, which for me is not a big deal.
I just want to know if this is a firmware bug or hardware related.
I'm willing to cooperate as much as possible, since MIDI is a supported feature and should be working.
Thank you in advance.
PS.: pic related. My pocket POD and a second capacitor I bought just in case I blow it again.


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