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just new to this guitar - it's been a bad experience

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hi -

i just got a jtv69 from mf,i plugged the battery inside a 1/4 ts to an active console/mixer but nothing happen - i move the knobs and nothing turn on. the guitar sound good and picks are amplified but variax is not working. i am just trying to charging the battery but the charger doesnt give a continued red light (as line  says to be in a charger mode) but double red lights that comes and goes every 25 seconds. also i tried to connect the guitar to the workbench usb interface but again, it gives an intermittent red light.

do you guys know something more about that situation? bad battery?





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Since you said you are new to the guitar...


1) With the battery in the JTV, push in the Model selector, not just spin the selector. You should see it light up.


2) When you are using the VDI/USB interface, you need to have a 1/4 cable plugged into the JTV as well. That should turn the red flashing light on the interface to green. You also need to turn up the volume pot. Turning it all the down turns off the JTV.


Hope this helps.

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Regular TS cable is what you use going to an amp.  To turn on the modeling, you have to push in the model selector.  IT should light up and turn on the modeling.  Then you can select a model by turning it.  The mag pickups are passive.  They require no power and they work without the battery installed.

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